How To Bid

You must be a registered customer to bid in advance or on the day. To register an account with us click here.

Bid in advance online, by telephone or email

Bidding in advance online is the easiest way to manage your lots and bids however you may bid by contacting us directly by telephone or email.

You can call us on +44 (0)1425 472 363 or email bids to

Bid in advance by post

Once our catalogues are published, our team receives bids through the post. If you prefer to use this method, please post your bids to arrive 5 days before the auction to the following address:

The Strand Auctions Department, 399 Strand, London, WC2R 0LX

Bid live in person

Auctions are held in a dedicated space at our shop at 399 Strand in Central London. Please make sure to register online well before the auction begins and carry valid identification.

Bid live online

The Strand offers a live bidding platform to give the option of real time bidding during an auction. You can place bids prior to the auction or during the auction. This service also enables you to view your auction invoices and pay for lots online and imposes no additional charge. Prices realised will be available shortly after the close of the auction.

Bid live by telephone

Bid live by telephone (subject to availability), at every auction, we have specialists who manage bids on behalf of vendors joining the auction by telephone. We ask that you provide no less than a 24-hour notice before the sale. This service is available only for lots with a lower estimate of 1000 or above.

Independent Auction Agent

The individuals listed below are recognized by The Strand but come without recommendation or guarantee:

Trevor Chinery BA (PTS):  +44 01205 330026 +44 0133 6220 +44(0)7527 444825

Nick Martin (Love Auctions):  +44 (0)1205 460968 +44(0)7703 766477