Our History

The Strand launched April 2023 and is the newest venue for collectible, historic and rare products. Located on the Strand, our new auction venue is a short walk from Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross.

As a venue The Strand hosts a variety of companies with record-setting auctions. Stanley Gibbons and A H Baldwin & Sons are two such examples, acknowledged for great stories about rarities in the coin, medal and stamp collecting world.  Learn about some key auctions and collections over the past 150 years.


The Charles I Gold Patterned Triple Unite is a rare English coin acquired privately by A H Baldwin’s in c1930 before later being auctioned in 2006 as part Baldwin’s Auction 48 ‘One hundred numismatic rarities’. Due to the high relief required of the design and subsequent difficulties of production, it would appear that the coins never went into production. It is the only known example in gold and realised a price of £210,000.


In 2012 – Baldwin’s auctioned the now legendary Prospero Collection which featured a Pantikapaion Gold Stater which sold for $2,250,000 – a then world record for an ancient coin.  The Prospero Collection is a world-renowned collection of ancient coins which rate among the finest examples of ancient art. Assembled over the course of several decades by a private collector the total sale of the collection achieved over $25 million.


A complete sheet of Chinese Monkey Stamps go under the hammer at Stanley Gibbons and sell for £109,250 setting a new in-house record. The stamps were issued in 1980 by the People's Republic of China to commemorate the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac and complete sheets are widely sought after.


It was in 2021 when partnered with Showpiece that Stanley Gibbons hosted The 1C Magenta for a new generation of collectors. The stamp is known as one of the rarest in the world and at its final selling price is one of the most expensive items in the world by weight. It is now owned by a series of collectors via fractional ownership, allowing purchasers to own a part of philatelic history. The 1C Magenta is just one story from our collection of companies that are modernising the ownership and stewardship of collectibles. 

The Strand brings together modern collecting, product knowledge, grading and valuation in one destination. However you might collect, whatever story your collection might tell, our team of specialists and valuers welcome you to start your journey with us.